What You Need To Remember When Applying For A Dubai Transit Visa

Transit visa for Dubai allows passengers with layover flights to explore the city of Dubai before they proceed to their destination. Passenger with stopover in Dubai is highly encouraged to apply for this kind of visa so they can have a glimpse of Dubai, even for a short time.

But before you apply for a transit visa, you need to keep in mind these facts so you are guided accordingly when applying for one:

  1. You need to get your documents in order

To expedite the process, you would need to prepare the following document: colored scanned copies of your current or latest passport, passport sized colored photo in white background, and a copy of your confirmed airline booking and hotel accommodations. Be sure to get these documents in order so you can process your application as soon as you land in Dubai. There are photo booths inside that accommodates passengers who are in need of rush passport photos.

  1. Get a visa processing company to help you

There are two ways to process your transit visa: 1. Through your airline provider 2. Get a visa processing service. Etihad Airways are known to offer this kind of service. But if you are not flying with Etihad, a visa service center would be the next best option. A visa service center would be the ones responsible on processing your visa. All you need to do is provide them the documents needed. Visa service centers advise passengers to apply beforehand so they have a copy of their transit visit upon their arrival in Dubai.

  1. Plan your short trip

Dubai transit visa allows visa holders at least 96 hours to explore the city. Since it is only a brief stay, it is important that you have a plan so you can maximize your stay. Plan your Dubai stopover by listing down the possible attractions and destinations that you would like to visit. Make early reservations for dining and other activities.

  1. Do not overstay

UAE’s Ministry of Interior do not take lightly law violators. Extending your stay without going through a visa change process in UAE would get you into trouble. Be mindful of your visa deadline and if you want to extend, apply for a visa change immediately.

  1. Enjoy your brief stay

You need to keep in mind that you only have 96 hours to spare, so be sure to maximize the time on exploring the city and see the beauty of Dubai, first hand.

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