Places To See In Dubai

Since Dubai is a popular tourism spot, people love to enjoy every moment of their Dubai trip and it makes sense too. After all, why would you want to spend any moment in boredom when you are sitting in the city of lights, entertainment, tourism and food. Coming back to Dubai, you don’t get too many opportunities to visit such places in life. Though it may look ordinary from a distance, the moment you land here is the moment of truth. Somehow, people tend to feel a strange type of energy when they come out of the airport. Call it excitement if you like but that’s what it is. Keeping your excitement in check and focusing on your Dubai tour, you’ve taken a rent a car and might as well get one with a chauffeur.

It is a great idea, as you will have the freedom to keep your focus on the road and places to visit instead of thinking about car. Of course, it chauffeur is not supposed to let you know about any problem he may be having while driving but that’s not your problem. You need to concentrate on the trip, and think about things you are about to enjoy.

Ferry Ride

If you love boats and ferries, you are in for a ride. Dubai offers excellent ferry rides with excellent meal to go with it. You will be witnessing the nighttime mainland Dubai from the Bur Dubai sea and in the meantime you will also cherish seeing the light reflections on the dark murky water. Keep in mind that sea is water everywhere, where the environment can get a little chilly even during peak summer season. This has more to do with the rising moisture mixed with moist sea breeze. It creates a strange and yet mystical effect on those who are touring in the ferry.

By the time your boat is nearing the beach, you may be well on your way to the dinner. Yes, you get the dinner at the boat and not on the shore. It is the final leg in your adventurous journey to the sea and pass through two halves of Dubai. In the meantime, you enjoyed your stay at the boat and wanted to do it again.

However, that is only possible if you have enough time in hand, or if you are willing to extend your trip by few days.



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